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Revitalize the soul with our curated experiences and packages. At Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud we want you to get the most out of this unique destination, so we’re always coming up with special offers and events that will help you delve deep into nature, culture, and your true inner self.

Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud

4 Days Detox & Cleanse Retreat

Package Benefit


·     3 nights accommodation stay at Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud

·     4 day menu all freshly prepared by our in-house kitchen:

-Day 1 :1 raw food meal* (served at dinner time)

            -Days 2 & 3 :7 cold pressed juices (per day) tailored to your need

            -Day 4 :1 cold pressed juice and 1 raw food meal* (served at lunch time)

·     One-time colonic treatment by a certified colonic therapist

·     1x one-hour Nutritionist consultation

·     One time 60 minutes spa treatment (Choice of Balinese /Hot Stones)

·     One-time yoga class

·     Complimentary Boreh class (Balinese ancestral warming balm herbal preparation) every Tuesday and Friday at 1.30 PM (advanced reservation is required).

·     Complimentary Jamu class (prepare and taste our traditional curcuma healing drink) every Monday and Thursday at 1.30 PM (advance reservation is required).

·     Complimentary Welcome drink

·     Complimentary Wi-fi

·     Complimentary access to Yoga Shala ( self practice yoga )

·     20% off Flying Bamboo Spa (Exlcude Colonic Treatment)

·     15% off Botanist restaurant (Exclude Alcohol)

*Terms and Conditions applied

*Minimum 3 nights stay