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Intra-Oral Buccal Face Massage 1,5 hours

Intra-Oral Buccal Face Massage 1,5 hours

Special Rates : IDR 719.500/person

Buccal massage is a unique technique in which the muscles around the mouth and jaw are worked not only from the outside, but the inside as well. That means your practitioner is wearing gloves, and firmly, yet ohso-relievingly, using their thumbs and forefingers to massage the interior of the lips and cheeks, working their way to the jaw for full release. Buccal massage more of a holistic technique for getting rid of jaw tension and headaches. Buccal massage is amazing also for contouring, which helps with skin clarity, and releasing tension to improve lines and wrinkles. Do not stop there, we continue clean your face with the face scrub and face mask to get complete face treatment. A warm herbal tea is waiting to accompany you to feel the freshness after treatment.

• Head, neck and shoulder massage 15 min

• Buccal face massage 45 min

• Face scrub 10 min

• Face mask 10 min