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1919 Spa

Surrounded by divine serenity, at Korurua Dijiwa Ubud, we serve a unique sanctuary to indulge the senses so guests can experience the relaxing and timeless beauty of Junjungan village. It is a place to immerse yourself in nature and revives the experience of the most profound relaxation in the private solitudes of our 1919 Spa sanctuary.

A symbolic spa cabin, 1919, is rich with history and was built by a century-year-old wooden house on 12 October 1919, where twisting wooden pathways are bridged between lush gardens and lotus ponds, looking across the paddy field.

Guests may ease into the quietness of the day breeze as they immerse in our range of traditional Balinese treatments and therapies. Nurturing as mother nature intended, the 1919 spa unlocks the limitless healing benefits to restore balance, energize the body, and nourish your inner peace.



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1919 Spa

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