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MATHIS Retreat Ubud

Detox and Revitalize Treatment

This exquisite combination invites you to indulge in Balinese boreh treatment, awakening your senses with its aromatic and invigorating blend of herbs and spices. Feel pure relaxation as skilled hands deliver a Balinese massage, using techniques to melt away tension and restore harmony to your body. Immerse yourself in serenity with a soothing flower bath, enveloping you in a fragrant oasis of petals. To complete this rejuvenating journey, savor a refreshing herbal drink and delight in the sweetness of fresh fruit, replenishing your vitality. Let The Spirit of MATHIS transport you to a state of profound bliss, nurturing your well-being from within.


This treatment package begin with:

• MATHIS Foot ritual 10 minutes

• Balinese Boreh 30 minutes

• Balinese massage 60 minutes

• Flower bath 20 minutes

• Herbal drink and fresh fruit


Should you desire to elevate your experience to a delightful Detox and Revitalize Treatment, the price per person shall be:


IDR 1,028,500 net / Person - 120 minutes


Term & Conditions:

• Booking in advance required

• Confirm your reservation by contacting us on Whatsapp: +62 82 313 360 477 or email: [email protected]