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Puri Saraswati Dijiwa Ubud

Lengis Nyuh Ritual

Begin by washing your feet using warm water with coconut milk, an anti-septic foot bath, salt, and a little massage on your feet. Then, we will take you to the room and enjoy a coconut body scrub that aims to cleanse the skin and keep your skin fresh. After the shower, continue the Balinese massage for 1 hour using coconut oil after you are pampered with a massage from our highly skilled therapist. We will apply coconut oil to your hair and do a sculpting massage on your head. Young coconut water awaits you to complete the comfort you have gained.


Experience the delightful inclusions:

-Santen foot ritual 10 min

-Usam body scrub 30 min

-Meuwut massage 60 min

-Lengis nyuh hair treatment 20 min

-Flower bath 30 min

-Young coconut drink