Our Service

Hotel Design & Development

We provide hotel design and construction services to our hotel investment clients as part of our hotel management services.

We develop innovative and original lodging concepts based on years of experience and at the forefront of creativity in the international hospitality industry. We partner with various design firms to make your hotel stand out and become a lifestyle destination.

It is critical to have in-depth industry experience and expertise when repositioning a hotel or starting a new hotel project. We make sure that the design and architecture correspond to the actual business and translate into feasible and effective operations. Our hotel professionals are available to help you transform your new hotel into a winning success recipe.

A truly unique design provides more than just a bed. People and memories are souls to hospitality. It must make an emotional connection with the guests. It takes more than just nice-looking furniture. An excellent hotel design, when executed correctly, can outsmart even the most proven players.


  • Architecture

We approach each design as a distinct tale, beginning with defining and comprehending the client's needs and desires. With an emphasis on honesty, our work represents a deep connection to the individual and the place. Each project aims to develop a new approach by implementing creative solutions that have a low environmental impact.

'Through our ventures, we put dreams to life...'

With extensive experience overseeing projects from the initial design phase to execution, our team collaborates closely with all stakeholders to ensure that each project is completed on schedule, within budget, and to a high degree of project realization. We collaborate with local experts and take pride in our active private and commercial high-yield investment ventures.

The architecture employs a rigorous yet intuitive approach to architecture, combining ingenuity and technological knowledge to produce an all-encompassing high-quality solution. We partner with clients to ensure that all of their needs are addressed, and we have a free one-hour consultation that provides a straightforward overview of the costs involved.


  • Landscape/Hardscape/Softscape

A landscape designer with the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive range of landscape design services and solutions to satisfy any need. We will collaborate with you to meet your landscaping needs, project managing the work from start to finish, including design, tendering, planning permission, building and planting, and after-care and maintenance. We strive to achieve your vision and offer garden landscape design that will inspire your employees, clients, and tourists now and in the future.

Strives to be the best in terms of landscape design flair and building execution. Every garden we design is a new challenge and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to push design talent limits. We take pride in creating expressive and artistic gardens on any budget and for any client.


  • Interior Design

Our ultimate aim is to create compelling hospitality experiences that support your bottom line. Bangkok and the rest of the world's interior design are continually evolving and shifting. Creating an atmosphere that visitors can relate to is a natural way to flourish and grow. Examining consumer behaviour evolution and how they communicate with products reveals some of the design cues needed to create something unique


  • Lighting Design

We deliver a lighting solution customized to your specifications and a wide range of services ranging from design consultancy to installation. Our goal is to meet and surprise your expectations so that we can produce the best results possible.

We aim to analyze our client's best approach, considering the product requirements, designs, budget, and lead time. Our mission is to be imaginative and inventive.


  • Management Construction/Quantity Surveyor

Working with our trusted consultants, subcontractors, and vendors, we take a 'hands-on' approach to project management from concept to completion. Our people are committed to making a genuine positive difference in the construction process, welcoming challenges, and transforming them into opportunities for everyone's benefit.

Construction services that ensure quality and cost savings while minimizing client risk and fostering cooperation among project stakeholders are provided. Our complete engineering services include a one-stop-shop for the client and immediate assistance to the project manager on the ground, enabling us to deliver projects to clients on schedule and within budget.

We have the skills to handle multi-phase, multi-site development programs, as well as single construction projects. Our team acts as an extension of the owner's staff, providing leadership and teamwork to increase schedule efficiency, reduce cost overruns, and ensure practical construction projects. To prepare for all possibilities, our team prepares for contingencies, considers alternatives, and determines the following steps.


  • Structure/Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Consultant

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services are provided for all types of structures, transportation facilities, and industrial ventures under our clients' unique needs. We work closely with the entire project team to ensure that all processes are appropriately integrated.

We design buildings for people and work closely with building architects, owners, and users to fully understand each structure's function. We design visually appealing, environmentally friendly, high-performance buildings that are clean, secure, and convenient for occupants while also being simple to maintain and operate. We ensure that our facilities meet current requirements while still being adaptable to future needs.

Our industry experience enables us to work on buildings in a wide range of industries, from diverse office environments and shopping centres to museums and educational institutions and from residential projects to laboratories and data centres. We have vast experience in building services engineering for healthcare facilities and have produced some of the world's most complex healthcare systems. Our teams also work with major transportation hubs, including train and subway stations, airports, and industrial facilities.