Binar is an architectural lighting specialist that engage in exterior and façade, interior and landscape lighting. Their work are developed around aesthetics aspect with mainly tailored illumination design that fits well with the premises and the owner’s development aspiration.

Binar like a bowl of food, combining several people with different backgrounds and characteristics that complementing each other to create the right taste. Each person studied architectural lighting design because they were initially interested and continued to love the field. The deepening is achieved in different ways through formal informal education, which is always flowing and developing in line with the experience gained from each project taken.

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SHL Asia is a Bali based consultant specialize in architecture, landscape, interior and artwork design for hospitality. We are an intimate team full of young and passionate architects, designers and landscape architects that are driven by the Campuhan philosophy.

The core value, Campuhan Script, is the new spirit of SHL Asia. It represents the creative workflow and synergy of all kind of values into our way of doing business and adopted the Balinese script to interpret the culture of Bali.

We believe everyone is unique, so is each of our clients. They have their personal definition of beauty and space. Our service and design will accommodate the needs of our client and translate their dreams into timeless design with excellent design experience.

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ESA international is A Bali based architecture and interior design consultant with their projects spread in Bali and all around the world est. 2005. ESA International brings out the soul of Bali architecture in each work of masterpiece.

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We learned and in cooperation for 27 years in PT. Wijaya Tribwana International with Bapak Made Wijaya ( Mr. Michael White ) who is well known as an architect, landscape designer, writer and cultural observer. We, Mande Sudarta and Nyoman Miyoga, have been friends since we were in Junior High School. Since 1997, we have build our perspective and vision on design world (tropical architecture, landscape and interior) which based on the environment and local culture where we do a project. We do respect the environment and local culture.

Our company, PT. Ramawijaya International Design was built to help our clients who want to have dream houses, villas, resorts, with tropical style architecture, landscape and interior. We studied designs formally at the university but we have learned a lot informally from master designers on tropical design and famous Balinese artist. Our clients’ satisfaction and public acceptance on our work are our main goals.

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Ratio Construction activities are supported by highly competent key personnel, of high integrity, and having many years of experience in different business backgrounds, i.e as a contractor, quantity surveyor, architect, civil & mep engineering, project management and Construction management consultant.

At Ratio Construction, client satisfaction is the cornerstone of the business philosophy. They strive to provide honest, transparent, and quality work that meet

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Digital creative agency based in Bali, Handled Digital Marketing, Social media management, copywriting.

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