Experience Detail

Dijiwa Sanctuaries provide a diverse curation of experiences that is undeniably exclusive combining seamlessly with all the many luxury conveniences and comforts discerning travelers across four themes, cultural experiences, mindful living, culinary arts, couples celebrations.

Puri Saraswati Dijiwa Ubud

Balinese Dance Class

Balinese dance, an ancient and integral element of Balinese culture, blends religious and artistic expression. Marked by dynamic, angular movements and deep expressiveness, it communicates intricate stories. Led by a skilled dancer, the session focuses on mastering footwork, hand motions, body postures, and eye expressions.  


Inclusion: Rama Sita afternoon tea

Every Monday and Tuesday from 09.00am until 11.00 am 

Every Wednesday to Sunday from 15.00pm until 17.00 pm